Jodi T. Moore 

Game Environment Artist

Hello I'm Jodi, I am a 3D environment artist with a bachelor’s degree in game art and animation from Champlain College. I really enjoy creating scenes that capture the imagination!


While I specialize in environment art I have a wide range of experience in many programs related to 3D modeling and digital art. I have worked quite often in Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Unity, Houdini, and quite a few more.


Additionally, I have four years of game development experience from this program. We regularly worked in teams ranging from 4-16 people and, in multiple cases, I was the lead artist for the project. I have a long track record of being professional and easy to work with. I pride myself on my work ethic and approachability.


Our latest game is SCORCH. It is a film noir themed stealth game almost entirely in sepia tones. Being the art lead and the main environment artist on this project has been a rewarding challenge. The drastic lighting and lack of textures makes the modeling that much more important. This endevor required careful planning to correctly add detail to environment pieces whithin the timeframe we had to make them.


I really adore working on games and especially making exciting places for people to explore and find inspiration in. Having played games since I could pick up a controller, it wasn't a hard decision when I chose to be a game artist as my career.

For a more detailed look at my work history and ability,

please view my full resume here. Thank you!